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7 Easy ways to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria 2024

7 Easy ways to Make Money as a Student in Nigeria 2024

Being a student in Nigeria can be financially challenging, but with the right approach, you can supplement your income and gain valuable experience while studying.

In this article we will present seven easy ways for students to make money in Nigeria in 2024, allowing you to support yourself financially and develop essential skills for your future career.

1. Online Freelancing:

One of the most accessible and flexible ways for students to make money is through online freelancing. With a laptop and an internet connection, you can offer your skills in areas like writing, graphic design, web development, or social media management. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer allow you to find clients and earn money by completing tasks remotely.

2. Tutoring and Teaching:

If you excel in a particular subject, consider offering tutoring services to your fellow students or even high school students. You can create study groups, provide one-on-one tutoring sessions, or teach online through platforms like Zoom. Additionally, you can explore teaching opportunities in local schools or join tutoring centers to expand your reach.

3. Blogging or Vlogging:

If you have a passion for writing or creating videos, consider starting a blog or a YouTube channel. Focus on a niche that you are knowledgeable and passionate about, such as fashion, technology, cooking, or travel. As you build a following, you can monetize your blog or channel through advertisements, sponsorships, or even selling your products or services.

4. Social Media Influencer:

With the rise of social media, becoming an influencer can be a lucrative way to earn money as a student. Develop a strong presence on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok by creating engaging content in your niche. Collaborate with brands that align with your audience and earn income through sponsored posts or product promotions.

5. Sell Online:

You can leverage e-commerce platforms like Jumia, Konga, or Shopify to sell products or services online. You can start by decluttering your space and selling unused items, or venture into small-scale businesses like dropshipping, art, handmade crafts, or fashion accessories. Utilize social media platforms to market your products and reach a wider audience.

6. Become a Campus Representative:

Many companies and brands look for campus representatives who can help promote their products or services within universities and colleges. As a campus representative, you can earn money by organizing events, distributing promotional material, or recruiting new customers. This opportunity allows you to gain valuable marketing and networking experience while earning an income.

7. Part-time Jobs or Internships:

Consider seeking part-time jobs or internships related to your field of study. Many businesses, organizations, and startups offer internships or part-time positions to students, allowing you to gain practical experience and earn money concurrently. These opportunities provide valuable insights into your future career while helping you financially.

Unique FAQs

1. Can I really earn a substantial income online as a Nigerian student?

  • Absolutely! With dedication and the right approach, many Nigerian students have successfully generated substantial income through various online avenues.

2. Are there risks involved in online ventures, and how can I mitigate them?

  • Yes, there are risks like online scams. Mitigate them by thoroughly researching opportunities, using secure payment methods, and being cautious with personal information.

3. How much time should I dedicate to online work without compromising my studies?

  • Balancing studies and online work is crucial. Allocate time wisely, ensuring that studies remain the top priority while making time for online ventures.

4. Do I need specialized skills to start making money online?

  • While specialized skills can be beneficial, many opportunities cater to a wide range of skills. Explore options that align with your strengths and interests.

5. What are some trustworthy platforms for online freelancing or selling products?

Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Teachable, Shopify, and others have gained credibility as reliable avenues for freelancing and e-commerce endeavors.


Making money as a student in Nigeria in 2024 is feasible if you explore available opportunities and leverage your skills and passions.

Online freelancing, tutoring, blogging, social media influence, selling online, becoming a campus representative, and pursuing part-time jobs or internships are just a few ways you can generate income while studying.

Remember to manage your time wisely and prioritize your studies while seizing these opportunities. With determination, creativity, and hard work, you can successfully balance your academic life and financial needs.

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